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What We Do

Innovative Strategies

Fast, nimble, impactful. Realize new insights into what your customers want, competitors are doing, and new marketplace opportunities. Discover new strategic perspectives enabling the robust defense of existing revenues. Find and ride new waves of growth.

  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Positioning
  • SWOT+ analysis
  • Portfolio Architecture

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Know your market based on the market factors required to participate, the switching factors, and the areas where you can carve out a kingdom.

  • Feature prioritization
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Brand positioning

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Whether it is a story of expertise, technical prowess, or unparalleled service some stories are forgotten and some are remembered.

We’ll connect your story with the depth and power it deserves. 

Stories that resonate are stories with emotional value connecting in memory to moments of value.

  • Persona/Segmentation
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Branding
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Go-to-market & product-market fit

Innovation is great, but it is not enough. Without clarity about who and how to best connect with your market even great products and services stumble, fall, and drown. Get clear about the path ahead..

  • Go-to-Market
    • Product-market fit
    • Product launch
    • Portfolio Architecture
    • Value Propositions


People don’t come in one size fits all.

Neither do your customers.

Understand who they are and where your unique strengths will continue to connect with where they are headed.

  • Personas
  • Segmentation
  • Positioning
  • Niche markets

Business Intelligence

Positioning fundamentally involves perspectives. People with needs enter exchanges in order to fulfill their needs. Their needs are informed by their perspectives. Understanding people’s perspectives enables organizations to position themselves where people are looking to fulfill their needs. Simple, right?

Data strategy

Having data issues?

It is helpful to remember that data is not the thing itself. Data is a representation of an object or thing.

Achieving a measure of data accuracy involves matching data with the characteristics of the object or thing within a specific context.  In the case of customers and markets, data accuracy involves structured marketing analysis based on market needs and customer insights. We’ll help ensure your data