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Precise Impression

Precise Impression specializes in delivering targeted website information to mobile users based on their own user behavior and preferences.

It accomplishes this user experience optimization with a proprietary mobile analytics capability. Website user behavior is gathered, analyzed, and adaptations are made to the user experience - all in real-time.

The adaptations are delivered as  "Smart Effects," significantly increasing the website's responsiveness to the user's behavior. These real-time Smart Effects include targeted on-screen prompts, smart pop-ups, and other customized effects, exponentially increasing user conversions.


Product / Service Categories

Armstrong Process Group

Armstrong Process Group (APG) is a world-class consulting, modeling tool, and education organization serving the enterprise architecture marketplace.

In seeking an increase in local marketing results, as well as worldwide exposure, APG worked with MarketVines to focus on SEO, local and high-level industry conferences, alignment with industry associations, and consistent communications with prospects and clients.