Our Approach: Results drive us

As experienced marketing-to-sales executives, we're interested in results, not selling a specific tool or method. We believe in putting the facts "on the table" and getting right to the core of what needs to happen to achieve those results.

Some people may find "Our philosophy" overly blunt, but in our experience a focus on timely results is appreciated and ultimately respected.

We're driven by the good feeling that comes from continually re-working and learning from a proven process to accomplish great things. If that makes us different from a purely "marketing" agency, or a "sales" consulting firm, that is okay. Not everybody is going to "get" what we do, but those who do will understand when they see we're "driven by results."


Our Story

From its humble roots as a technology "demonstration" firm at big box retail (we introduced Window 95 to the Minnesota market) to a firm with experienced principals from the SaaS, start-up, Fortune 500, merger and acquisition space, to a marketing-to-sales services firm MarketVines isn't standing still.

We're going to where the results are.

Meet the Team

We're results people. Whether its big picture thinking, or managing the details the philosophy driving us starts simply - results.

With that said, we're people too, with lives and families. We enjoy working with people and organizations who - like us - have more than one story to tell.

 It's a human thing.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan is accustomed to steering the course forward at MarketVines and is respected in the industry as a forward thinker. Both inside the office and out her energy and dedication to client success is legendary.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric maintains the operational side of things at MarketVines with a keen eye on digitizing everything, everywhere. Eric's insights into "how to make things work better" translates to the rest of the team as well as his favorite happy - restoring muscle cars.


Timothy Barrett


Tim is focused on keeping the books balanced. When he isn't devising new ways to ensure cash flows work at MarketVines he is providing ways for clients to manage start-up cash flow potential.

Next Steps...

If not now, when? If you're seeking new ways to address your marketing-to-sales challenges and reach your revenue goals, contact us for a complimentary discovery discussion.