IoT Content

Leads solve a lot of problems. Efficient lead processes happen in a flywheel, not a funnel.

Reducing friction in the sales process build momentum. Content is key to momentum because it creates engagement and trust.

Strategic analysis of the marketing-to-sales environment reveals who the best lead opportunities are and the best manner to engage with them.

IoT Marketing

There are dozens of marketing and sales tools to choose from - and to spend money on. Our team creates marketing to sales tools based on results. Period.

  • Customer journey's
  • Positioning statements and competitive differentiation
  • Sales content, tools, and training
  • Sales enablement plans for launch and beyond

Strategic Clarity

When marketing-to-sales processes are out of alignment with the marketplace revenues slow. We apply strategic alignment principles and methods to ensure you're targeting existing, as well as new areas of revenue and growth opportunity, at the right time and in the right way.

Strategic mistargeting in IoT is common. It is also costly, time-consuming, and often fatal to the IoT project, funding, and firm.

We specialize in guiding IoT and SaaS B2B firms experiencing marketing-to-sales pipeline problems. Do you lack sufficient leads? Is your brand misaligned with the marketplace? Is your close-rate low?

MarketVines ensures companies continue to grow by identifying and applying effective marketing-to-sales messages, methods, and processes.

Despite what others may have promoted, marketing and sales isn't rocket science. And we don't treat it that way. Tools and methods come and go, but the basics still drive results. Execution on good ideas remains the key to success.

However, more than ever identifying which ideas are the "good" ideas has gotten harder in a marketing-to-sales landscape with dozens of options.

MarketVines applies a step-by-step process for growing marketing-to-sales results that results in increased revenues.

Our goal to to achieve results in the simplest, most direct way possible.


Next Steps...

If not now, when? If you're seeking new ways to address your marketing-to-sales challenges and reach your revenue goals, contact us for a complimentary discovery discussion.